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Is This What Happens When You Click CBS' March Madness On Demand Boss Button?

We all mocked NBC for the lonely spreadsheet that would come up if you clicked the "Boss Button." But has CBS taken a step back? According to ace tipster Qumar, yes:

Here's the "Boss Button" for this year's CBS Sports NCAA March Madness on Demand. They're beta testing for today, using the West Virginia/Villanova game. By the looks of it, they went the Windows 7 way to go along with the blatant advertising for their Facebook pages.


If you become a fan of MMOD on Facebook, they send you a link to their beta test- the West Va/'Nova game. And there in the top right corner, there is the boss button, which like it's NBC counterpart, brings up a Windows 7 app. This time, it's not a sad, empty workbook, it's an e-mail to your buds- telling them to get involved in some sweet tourney action.

Here's the message:

To... Jeff Williams, Alex Delgato; Charlie Mack
Cc... p-Cleveland;
Subject: FW: Fan on Facebook!


You have to check out and become a fan. You can also fan here to get sports updates beyond the tournament news.

I love tourney time! I cannot wait for the upcoming matchups. Our Bracket Manager group already has heated up and the Round by Round game should be fun this year too.

Talk to you later.

Also, you can see that you were forwarded that e-mail from someone named Mike Robert. Also, you are named Jim Spartin. Which is terrifying, because that is my name. Ahhhhhhhhh!! It's all happening again!!


The De-Complicator sez:


Note to CBS-the Boss Button is supposed to show how we should be working, not how we actually work.

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