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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Is Tim Tebow Headed To Arena Football?

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Tim Tebow is a bad quarterback. Tim Tebow is so bad that last year, he didn't start a single game in place of another bad quarterback, Mark Sanchez, even though Sanchez was having an uncannily bad season. He is so bad that he is likely to be released from the New York Jets this offseason, and as of this writing, no one in the entire National Football League wants him on their roster, even though he has millions of fans across the country who consider him a good football quarterback, or at least a good Christian, and would invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase his jersey and tickets to his games to show their support. This is not news.


What is news, however, is that there is a football team interested in the bad quarterback's services—so interested, in fact, that they have an offer on the table for Tebow and are waiting on him to sign the contract. That team is the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League.

"Tim would certainly want to first exhaust his opportunities in the NFL, but we'd love to have him," Predators owner Brett Bouchy told the Orlando Sentinel. "I think he would definitely improve as a quarterback in our league. Kurt Warner told me once that when he got back to the NFL after playing in the Arena League, the NFL game was like slow motion. Everything in the Arena League is just so much faster and quicker and predicated on accuracy. Whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign."


Tebow playing arena football is actually an interesting proposition. First of all, they'll pay him. By many accounts, he'll soon be out of a paying job, and so he'll ostensibly have to look for another one. Orlando's also close to his hometown of Jacksonville, where he's still regarded as a star by everyone but the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have elected to move forward with the two-headed monster of Chad Henne and Blaine fucking Gabbert instead of making a move for Tebow. And most important, no one cares about arena football. We suspect that not even Tim Tebow would make the league relevant. He'd be out of the spotlight and able to develop at his own pace, without people like us pointing out how bad of a quarterback he is. If he ever turned into a mediocre or good quarterback, he'd then make the jump back to the NFL.

In a sympathetic piece, the Sentinel asked why other young, bad quarterbacks like Gabbert, Christian Ponder, and Brandon Weeden are given time to develop, even though Tebow isn't. Barring some conspiracy, the reason is likely that coaches see potential in other young, bad quarterbacks that they don't see in Tebow. If he continues to hold various teams' clipboards his entire career, he'll obviously never pan out. But if Tebow if he wants to be a starting quarterback as badly as Skip Bayless wants him to be, then maybe the best move following his lost season in New York is to go to Orlando and develop for a while. Who knows? Maybe he'll be the next Kurt Warner.

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