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Is Time For Cat Falling Through Olympic Arena Ceiling

Lots of space has been spent on the (admittedly adorable) dogs of Sochi. But where is the cat coverage? Why are we not awwwing over the stray felines in and around the Olympics? Mostly because they're just fucking shit up.

This is purportedly CCTV footage from October showing a cat crashing through a ceiling at the Adler Arena, the Olympics' speed skating venue. This was no construction mishap—the building opened for competition in 2012. That's a completed arena failing under the weight of a 10-pound cat.


I love how disoriented kitty is once it lands. It does a complete 360° before ashamedly scampering off. Something supposedly lithe and graceful collapsing in a clumsy wreck in Sochi's speed skating venue? Must be an American cat.


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