Is Tom Brady's Phone Number 646-248-1212?

A tipster writes in:

I don't know if this constitutes as news or even worthwhile, but i figured it may be deadspin worthy. The phone number 646.248.1212 has a voicemail on it that sounds eerily similar to Tom Brady (give a call and listen for yourself). The phone is registered to a Mr. Ben Rawitz, who is a marketing coordinator for the Pats. The phones user has been texting back and forth with a friend of mine who's a diehard patriots fan and he is certain its Brady himself. Is this common team practice for a employee to register a cell phone for a star out of market?


He explains that Gisele Bundchen is a friend of a friend of a friend, and, well, now they have a number that might be Tom Brady's. We couldn't tell from the extraordinarily brief outgoing message (you can hear it above), and maybe-Brady didn't pick up either time we called. We didn't want to tempt fate with his voicemail-transcribing service.

A little internet detective work suggests that a lot of 646-248-xxxx numbers lead to the New York City Department of Corrections, so we're probably on a watch list now if it isn't Tom. Call maybe-Brady and beg for mercy!