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Isiah Says It's All YOUR Fault

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Athletes and coaches will never understand one basic tenet about being a sports fan: If your team wins games, you're the loudest, most supportive fans alive. If your team loses all the time, no matter how loyal you are to your team and how devoted you are, you tend not to scream that much. It is not surprising that Isiah Thomas still doesn't get this.


Last night, after the Knicks lost yet again, Somehow-Still-Coach Isiah blamed the shitshow the franchise has become on the fans.

Thomas apparently had heard enough. Late in the game, he could be seen debating some fans sitting near the court. One of those fans, Mara Altschuler, was so enraged by the discussion that she sought out reporters after the final buzzer.

"He said it's the fans' fault because they don't have a good sixth man," said Altschuler, who has season tickets near midcourt. Her family has had the seats for more than 40 years, since the old Garden, she said.

Yesterday, the Knicks shed that Anucha Browne Sanders punitive damages suit by settling the case. One huge, monstrous burden off their back. One more to go.

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