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In the latest installment of the Isiah Thomas career makeover, our hero magnanimously told the assembled press corps that his first year's salary as coach of FIU will be given back to the school.

It's a nice gesture and should give all the FIU alumni some peace of mind, but I'd also be worried that not taking the salary almost gives Isiah an automatic out — that this clearly is just part of his personal career rebuilding process and not a "real" job. It also turns out that, during the initial vetting process, FIU Athletic Director Pete Garcia did not talk to anyone at the New York Knicks about Isiah's disastrous five years. That's confidence.


From NYDN:

[H]e was satisfied "we are getting a great human being." He said the basis for his assessment is a personal relationship with Thomas that has blossomed over approximately seven months.


So not only has Garcia put the reputation of the athletic program on the line, he's also jeopardized FIU's Human Resource Management program.

Even more interesting was Chris McKendry's down-and-dirty interview on SportsCenter about some of Thomas' more disturbing publicity— the whole sexual harassment thing and that alleged suicide attempt. Awful Announcing ganked the video.


All a big misunderstanding. But you have to give McKendry some credit for her whole approach on this topic: So, tell me about this whole crazy suicide attempt thing? What's that about? Go get 'em girl!


The thing is, if it really was a suicide attempt do you think ESPN would just throw it out there so casually? Probably not. I suspect there's probably something a little more bone-headed behind Isiah's sleeping pill disaster than anything else.

Isiah Thomas Finally Addresses Alleged Suicide Attempt On Sports Center [AA]

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