This is a few days old, but we can't let it pass unremarked. It appears Isiah Thomas has the same firm grasp of his roster as he always has.

Earlier this week, this exchange happened.

Reporter: When the trade was made, it looked like Fred and Dan Dickau were just salary cap throw-ins. When you made that trade, how did that discussion go?

Isiah Thomas: Both of those guys fit our team. I think Dickau is going to be a good player on our team when he's healthy. With Fred, you can't consider either of those guys throw-ins.

The problem, of course, is that Dickau was released last month, before the Knicks ever started practicing. We know Isiah has been, um, distracted, but, you know, he does run the team.

God, we can't wait for the Knicks to start playing again. This will be fun.

Isiah Thomas Thinks Dan Dickau Is Still Around? [Stop Mike Lupica]