"It Ain't Midnight Yet, Y'all!": The Vocal Cord-Shredding Announcer Is Delightfully Pleasant Via Email

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The man behind that voice is Brian Snow and he is just about the nicest person with whom you will ever exchange emails. I had a chance to pick his brain about life, sports and how he keeps that voice in pitch perfect condition earlier this week. He cut his teeth in Chicago, having attended Fenger high school and Chicago State University and has been in the announcing game for 16 years. He first started at his alma mater in 1995. Brian Snow, the Snowman, has charmed the pants off America and now here's a little window into what makes him tick.


Is this a full-time gig, are you looking to expand to a more national presence?
"This is definitely full time. What people do not see, they won't believe. I believe in my ability and I also believe in High School Cube because they gave me an opportunity to make this a reality on a consistent basis. I also cover baseball, football, and I do some hockey. This has already given me a national presence so that is already covered."

Do you have favorite call from a game? For instance, mine is probably Gary Thorne calling Don Mattingly's homerun at Yankee Stadium in the 1995 playoffs against Seattle.
Jim Durham's call from "The Shot" by Michael Jordan May 7, 1989

Do you have a favorite call of your own and do you think you'll develop your own catchphrase, if you haven't already?
My personal favorite is the recent one vs Bogan from Wednesday night. As for a catchphrase, I know I will have a catch phrase soon - but the internet has given me the signature "It Ain't Midnight Yet Ya'll."


Do you have like a tea and honey or lozenge regimen to keep your voice in good shape?
Tea and honey regimen: two cups before, two cups after a game.

Judging by your twitter avatar, you seem like a pretty big dude. Are people ever shocked when they see you after hearing one of your calls?
To this day, and this covers 16 years, a lot of people when they meet me are very very shocked because they expected someone white and skinny...not to mention short lol.

What is your response to some of the criticism you have received for your style?
There will always be critics..and the reason they criticize, because they only see it from one side - OUTside. They are not inside the arena, or the stands or with the coaches or most importantly the kids to see that kind of action.


You're a Chicago guy. Think the Cubs will ever win a World Series? Sub-question: The new MLB 12 The Show advertisement—awesome or depressing?
HELL no. As for the video game: DEPRESSING - but then again it's a video game so I (as a White Sox and Cardinals fan) take comfort that it is just a fantasy.

Also, sorry about the Miss Piggy crack, I really did love the call.
Don't worry about the Miss Piggy crack - the fact that you want to do this interview and that we are becoming friends is apology enough my friend!
See what I mean? So nice.