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Okay — this is officially insane. FOX4 went back to do a follow-up story about Joel Branstrom's blind-folded half-court shot. Reporter Rob Low, just shooting a teaser for the spot, tried one of his own (backwards)...and also made it.


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We spoke to Low on the phone and he was, obviously, a little dumbfounded by his luck. Low told me the only people in the gym at the time besides him were the camera person and a member of the girl's basketball team. After he chucked it behind his head — his first attempt, no less — he couldn't figure out why she and the cameraman were acting strange. The player told him "I tried not to scream when you made the shot."

Also, while Low interviewed Branstrom for the follow-up piece, he had the former KU player shoot the half-court shot again without a blindfold to show how difficult it was.

"Of course, he made the shot, " Low said.

That gym needs an exorcism.

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