This is going to come as a shock to most of you โ€” it certainly came as a shock to us โ€” but former heavyweight champion and all-around beacon of stability Mike Tyson has never been in rehab before. Seriously: With all the madness that has gone on with Tyson throughout his life, he's never been to rehab. Just seems like he would have accidentally been there, at some point.

Anyway, he's there now.

A lawyer for Mike Tyson says the former heavyweight champion has checked himself into an in-patient treatment program for ''various addictions'' as he awaits trial on drug charges. Las Vegas Attorney David Chesnoff says Tyson ''needed to get involved in something that would help him with his addiction.''

The Tyson story is neither sad nor tragic anymore; it just simply is, a ball that has been rolling downhill for 17 years now and, somehow, still hasn't stopped rolling. What's amazing isn't that something else bad has happened; it's that they still have the opportunity to happen at all.

But hey, maybe rehab will help. Sure.

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