Cousins was never going to pull in a huge mega-deal this summer, not without the Knicks and only the Knicks losing their minds after striking out in their pursuit of more desirable free agents. But it’s not impossible that Boogie might be among the few free agents whose market really is dependent upon what Kawhi Leonard does—if he spurns the Lakers, for example, they could do a lot worse than running back the Boogie-Anthony Davis duo that worked reasonably well in New Orleans, especially if they can land Cousins at a reasonable price and use the rest of their cap space to fill in their rotation. Or the Clippers could retract the qualifying offer they made to restricted free agent Ivica Zubac and instead put Cousins in a fun center tandem with Montrezl Harrell.

Eventually, a market will emerge for Cousins and he’ll land a job somewhere. But there’s now a non-zero chance that it will emerge in east* Asia and that job will be playing for Stephon Marbury’s Beijing Royal Tigers in the Chinese Basketball Association. When you consider what kind of contract he was in line for before that Achilles injury, this has been an unbearably steep slide toward irrelevance for one of the most talented big men in basketball.