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It Keeps Getting Worse For Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett is just about the saddest thing in sports right now. Like, make-you- want-to-curl-up-in-a-ball-and-sob-yourself-to-sleep sad. After an 0-2 night in which he only got six minutes of floor time, the first overall pick is now 5-for-37 shooting in his young NBA career. And Cavaliers fans are getting impatient.

The Cavs went down early to Washington last night, trailing by 18 at the half. But a quick run early in the fourth brought them a bit closer, until Bennett nearly airballed a three and sucked the air out of the arena.

"He was a confident shooter from three-point land in college. Of course, obviously, a shorter line." Oof.


The meme going around is that Cleveland was booing Bennett after that miss, though it sounds more like murmured discontent. Loud murmurs, anyway. But Cavs fans were vocal all night, and Bennett didn't come close to hearing the worst of the jeers. This isn't about booing a rookie a few weeks into his pro career, but general frustration with what was supposed to be a promising team coming out of the gate looking awful. And that's something for Bennett to be thankful for: there's enough suck to go around that the 20-year-old is able to get lost in the malaise.

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