It’s about time Britt Reid faces consequences

Son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid gets 3-year prison sentence following DWI crash

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Britt Reid (left)
Britt Reid (left)
Photo: AP

Do you know how easy it is to not drink and drive? Or be cognizant enough not to do it if you already have a criminal record? Guess former NFL assistant coach Britt Reid, son of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, wasn’t smart enough to follow those principles. Nearly two years after Britt drove while over the legal limit of intoxication and hit two parked cars while speeding, he was sentenced to three years in prison on Tuesday in a Kansas City circuit court.

Reid pleaded guilty to charges of driving while intoxicated and causing serious bodily injury in September, after his February 2021 crash left a five-year-old girl with a traumatic brain injury. The charge does carry a maximum sentence of seven years but prosecutors agreed to ask for a four-year maximum sentence instead as part of a plea agreement. The prosecution stated Reid drove around 84 mph in a 65 mph zone when his car hit the other vehicles on a highway near Arrowhead Stadium. Reid’s blood-alcohol level was 0.113 percent two hours after the crash, police stated, which is more than three percent higher than the legal limit.

Ariel Young, the five-year-old involved in the crash, Reid, and four others were injured in the accident. Young was in the courtroom for Reid’s sentencing. The girl’s mother, Felicia Miller was also on-site during the crash and read a victim impact statement before Reid was sentenced. Miller said the victims of the crash were offended Reid sought probation and her family opposed the plea deal to get a lesser sentence. Before his sentencing, Reid apologized and spoke to Young and Miller, stating he has a daughter the same age and his family prays for her nightly.


Reid was placed on administrative leave after the crash and the Chiefs declined to sign him to a new deal after the 2020 season. Before coaching in Kansas City, Reid entered a drug treatment program after running what a Pennsylvania judge described as a “drug emporium” out of the family’s home. He was also involved in a road rage incident in 2007 where he allegedly pointed a gun at another man. That was settled out of court in 2014. Last year, the Chiefs reportedly agreed to pay for Young’s medical treatment and other expenses.