It Took Long Enough, But Someone Finally Made A Hitler Minigolf Hole

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It's not even cathartic! You can't even clang a ball off his fiberglass groin, since it's hollowed out to make a tunnel. All he does is heil at you, and, I don't know, bark like a seal?

It's art, of course. (Everything's art.) This hole, along with other presumably equally edgy ones, is in a Blackpool, England, art gallery. It's about "the powerful image of the Nazi regime within the context of holiday fun and in doing so making reference to the British wartime spirit of making humour at the Fuhrer's expense." Duh.


Naturally there's controversy about the piece, all of which could have been avoided if the artists had just said it's actually Prince Harry at a costume party.

In conclusion: England Hitler golf art.