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It Was a Long Day For Oregon's LeGarrette Blount

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Here's Blount enjoying what most of us would consider a decent Saturday - relaxing with the family, watching sports on t.v. Difference is, most of us weren't being shown on national television, waiting for a draft call that never came.


Blount's draft prospects were considerably brighter last summer, before the start of his senior year with the Ducks. But then came "the punch", the resulting ten-game suspension, and the hit to his reputation, and all of a sudden, bam! He's a rookie free agent. Seriously, when even the Raiders won't take a flier on you, you know you've got some image-rehabbing to do.


Kudos to his family for maintaining the positive energy throughout, though. Without them, these ESPN cut-aways would have been too much to take. You half-expected repo men to walk in and start taking away the furniture.

H/T to reader Mark for the screen grab

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