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Italian Basketball Coach Flips Out About Sportsmanship After Loss

Head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco of second-place Italian basketball team Orlandina Basket seemed disappointed with a 78-76 loss to FCM Ferentino, a team with a 9-10 record, on Feb. 1. But someone on FCM Ferentino apparently did something unsportsmanlike at some point, and it set Pozzecco off in the postgame conference.

Pozzecco's rage is impressive in that it's gradual. He crescendos as he explains his frustration, and the subtitles let you follow along. The climax of his tirade is perfect.


The entire postgame—without subtitles—wasn't as intense, beginning with Pozzecco reading from a statement. He seemed fine after his rant, though, giving a proper goodbye to the media.

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