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Italian Guy Tries To Scheme His Way Into Hospital To Watch Soccer Game From Window, Fails

Photo credit: Maurizio Lagana/Getty
Photo credit: Maurizio Lagana/Getty

Most of the time when someone pretends to be sick so as to gain admission to a hospital, it’s to finagle their way into a prescription for drugs to slake an addiction. Yesterday, one Italian man tried something similar, though his addiction is to soccer and his satisfaction could be found right there outside the window.


Crotone is a small Italian town, home to FC Crotone, a small Italian club that for the first time in its history has made it all the way up to Serie A. Crotone are also nearly certain to get relegated this year. Because this little city does not normally find itself hosting the giants of Italian soccer very often, and probably won’t be doing so anymore in the near future, yesterday’s home match against Juventus was a big deal.

Predictably, the club sold every seat in its 16,000-seat stadium for the Juve game. While this meant only a select few could only watch the match live and in person inside the stadium, there were still a number of views available from which to watch the match. The best of these pseudo-stadium seats could be found from the windows of the hospital that sits right next to the pitch:

As had happened when Juve last came to Crotone about a decade ago, some enterprising locals attempted to trick their way into the hospital in order to get one of these highly coveted views of the game. The move back when this first happened was for people to pretend to be visitors seeking to hang out with ill loved ones, then to make their way up to the higher floors to stake out a good view. The hospital was wise to that game this time, though, and implemented a policy where only patients were to be allowed into the building yesterday.

Even that couldn’t dissuade our intrepid superfan from trying to realize his dream. According to Italian paper Reggio Informa, this man’s strategy was to show up to the hospital and pretend to be deathly ill, hoping he’d be given a room from which he could abscond and find a nice spot to watch the game. Unfortunately, the hospital staff didn’t bite. It was quickly determined that the man was faking and he was turned away.

The lesson here is clear: make sure to come up with a good bullshit reason to explain why you’re seriously sick if you want to sneak into a hospital to watch your favorite team.

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