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It's A Great Night To Go To Bed Early

All right, kids, 'twas the night before the NCAA Tournament kicks off and everything goes right plum crazy for four days, then takes three days off, then goes slightly less nuts for four more days. We can't wait, and we suspect you can't either.

So, everybody rest up tonight, print out your Big Deadspin NCAA Tournament Preview and prepare thyselves. We will be live-blogging the afternoon games both Thursday and Friday, with special guests taking the duties each day (as you know, we're not so good at the live-blogging). We've got some heady hitters sitting in for the live-blogs (we'll still be writing the rest of the site.) Thursday's live blogger will be Dan Shanoff, and Friday's is The Mighty MJD. So if you're stuck at work, you're in good hands.


But yeah: The NCAA Tournament starts tomorrow. Yah! See you then.

Deadspin 2007 NCAA Tournament Preview (PDF)

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