It's Almost As If — NO! — Michael Vick Was Lying

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So you know how Michael Vick says he had nothing to do with that whole dog fighting business? Well, SHOCKINGLY, his explanation has some holes in it. Big ones.


A Web site associated with a Michael Vick company, MV7, LLC, professes to be in the business of breeding pit bulls and other dogs as pets not for fighting. states that, "We do not promote, support or raise dogs for fighting and will not knowingly sell, give, or trade any dog that may be used for fighting."
The property Vick owns in Virginia where dozens of dogs were confiscated last week in a dog-fighting investigation is listed as the address for the Web site and the company, 1915 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, Va.

That's right: The official address for Vick's K9 Kennels is the exact same address that was busted last week. Hmmm.

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