As detailed yesterday, carbonated beverage lovers were overjoyed to see Jones Soda roll out five new exciting flavors based on the Seattle Seahawks, all based on things found in Holmgren's mustache. The flavors: Natural Field Turf Soda (featuring Josh Brown), Sports Cream Soda (featuring Matt Hasselbeck), Perspiration Soda (featuring Deion Branch), Dirt Soda (featuring Lofa Tatupu) and Sweet Victory Soda (featuring Walter Jones). Other teams, of course, were quick to jump on the bandwagon. So be on the lookout for:

• Bitter Defeat Soda (featuring Drew Brees)
• Ass And Wood Plank Soda (featuring Rex Grossman)
• Flea Powder Soda (featuring Michael Vick)
• Distinct Smell Of Leathery Corpse Soda (featuring Al Davis)
• Poopy Diaper Soda (featuring Tom Brady)
• Pact With Satan Soda (featuring Brett Favre)

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