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It's Brett Favre Training Camp Eve!

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Less than 24 hours remain before Brett Favre is likely to make his debut at training camp with Green Bay. And to think, there were some who wanted him to stay retired. This is going to be wild; a media circus the likes of which Wisconsin has never witnessed. It'll be like Christmas and your birthday rolled into one, only with more Mason Crosby. What will Brett do? Will Aaron Rodgers snap his ankle during the first windsprint? Will Favre's first pass be aimed at Ted Thompson's crotch? How many fans will show up? Can I still reserve a tent? I know I'm not getting any sleep tonight. On Wednesday Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy met with Favre in Hattiesburg, Miss., and reportedly offered the quarterback $20 million over 10 years to go away and stay retired; an offer which Favre refused. This just blows me away; is there a precedent? $2 million a season not to play? Ryan Leaf will do that for $200!

Favre wants to play, and his best chance for getting a new team is to show up at training camp and force Thompson’s hand. Favre’s presence at practices surely will create a charged atmosphere with the iconic quarterback and his successor, Aaron Rodgers, on the same field, and a rapt and emotionally involved public attending the workouts.


Roger Goodell has not yet approved Favre's faxed request to be reinstated to the Packers, but that's expected today. I think it would be funny for Goodell to send him about five faxes — yes, your'e reinstated ... no, you're not ... yes, go ahead ... no, I changed my mind ... your rights have been sold to the Calgary Stampeders — just to mess with his head. But Brett Favre, reporting to practice on Friday! I understand there may be pictures! Packers Float $20 million Offer To Keep Favre Retired [Green Bay Press-Gazette] Green Bay Has 2 Choices: Release Or Trade Favre [NBCSports]