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It's Easier To Rout A Team When You're Making Catches Like This: Sunday Night Football, In Four GIFs

Seattle 42, San Francisco 13: In a battle of what Cris Collinsworth called two "top-end throwers"—i.e, two NFL quarterbacks, in this case Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick—it was Wilson who was the topper-end thrower; he looked like he had roughly twice the experience as a starter, which, oddly, considering the teams are now a combined 20-9, is true. When you have receivers like Doug Baldwin, who tipped that catch up there to himself and caught two touchdowns, it's easy to be the top-most-ended ball-thrower in the league, at least for a night.

This was also a match-up of the two of the best defenses in the NFL, though this game alone may drop the 49ers a couple spots in some people's eyes. The Seahawks kept their rep up with plays like this, a brutal red zone hit that earned Kam Chancellor an unnecessary roughness penalty and left Vernon Davis out with a concussion.


The 100-0 Century Link Stadium run was broken by a pair of field goals and a garbage time touchdown, but the Seahawks still notched their third massive victory in their last three games, and clinched a playoff spot. It was enough to make the 49ers fans that made the trip drowsy, even on Seattle's legendarily loud home field:


Towards the end, there was nothing left for the Sunday Night Football crew but to show misery porn of the "fail mary" replacement ref debacle from late September. By the way, regular refs, how's it feel to be back?


Eh, don't get too cocky. You'll slip up.

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