Like most casual golf fans in America, we spent most of the day yesterday away from the television but curious if Tiger Woods was going to win the U.S. Open. A victory by anyone else would elicit a shrug; a victory by Tiger would somehow matter more, as if we're enough of an expert in golf to understand what "matters." All majors, to most sports fans, involve either Tiger winning it, or "somebody else."

That said, if it had to be "somebody else" who was gonna win yesterday, we're glad it was Angel Cabrera. The guy's a 37-year-old paunchy Argentinian, who, in direct contrast to the suddenly ripped Tiger, spent the entire final round smoking cigarettes.

"Some players have psychologists, sportologists. I smoke," Cabrera said. ""I usually smoke 8 to 10 in a round. This round was not special in terms of number."

It has been a while since we've had a successful "athlete" who smoked. Vlade Divac is the last we can remember, unless, of course, you're counting Jim Leyland.

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