It's Like Tim McCarver Talking, But To Music!

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Don't wait until tomorrow morning to leave a voicemail for your boss saying you won't be coming in on Tuesday. That's the day Tim McCarver's new album drops.

Yes, it's "Tim McCarver Sings Selections from the Great American Songbook," hitting stores on September 22nd. Rest assured that I've already ordered three copies of this soon-to-be collector's item.


•Thrill to Tim struggling through "This Will Be My Shining Hour!"
•Shed a tear as Tim laments "There Used To Be A Ballpark!"
•Cry like a baby as you listen to "Day By Day," and realize you just listened to 14 songs by Tim McCarver! currently has no copies in stock, meaning either this album's selling like hotcakes, or more likely, they're not even bothering.


There are currently two reviews on Amazon. The first: "I mute my TV when Tim McCarver is broadcasting a game. Why would I pay to listen to him sing?"

But the second is gold. It's written by either someone so skilled at sarcasm I'm not sure if they're using it, or by Tim McCarver:

I thought Mr. McCarver had reached his apex with his brilliant baseball analysis but I was pleasantly shocked to discover that it pales in comparison to his musical talents. His version of "This Will Be My Shining Hour" is destined to be a classic and would bring even Zeuss himself to tears. My only regret was to discover that this is his only album and since he is getting up there in years it's not likely there will be many more. Bravo Tim!!!


Tim McCarver Sings Selections From The Great American Songbook