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An All-Star game attendee emailed Deadspin this report from deep within the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium. Apparently, New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica was having a tough time gaining access to the lower level — where the important people sit! — during Tuesday night's game. :

Great all-star game story with some pictures...i was sitting by the entrance to the concourse in the lower level and i hear someone screaming at security so turn to look up the tunnel. It's Mike Lupica and he wasn't being given access to get to the lower field box level so he decided to throw a fit...he pulled a, "do you know who i am" to the guards and ultimately got nowhere, but it was easily an enjoyable moment watching his face turn bright red and freak out during the game...


It's safe to assume he finally got down there. He's Mike Lupica, for gosh sakes. I wonder if he also got to kiss George Steinbrenner on the cheek?

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