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We know football season is five months off, but it may take that long to unravel this mystery. At the risk of going all CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on you, we present the photo above, sent in from a reader with the following note attached:

My brother was working the sidelines at the Seahawks-Panthers game and took this picture of Jimmy Johnson. Based on the "flap" at the base of his neck, does that mean he wears a wig? If so, I never gave that a thought - did I miss something??


We know that Johnson was sporting that spiky-hair look on Fox broadcasts around that time; could that be his real hair, and his trademark puffy boufant a wig? What the hell is beneath that flap? And what is that little line that appears to be a cord of some sort? Is Jimmy's hair remote controlled? Is Johnson really bald, with an array of hairpieces in his dressing room like Alan Brady on the Dick Van Dyke Show? This could generate more controversy than the George W. Bush debate photos.

Jimmy Johnson's Hair-Raising Day [Fox Sports]

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