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It's Probably Not Smart For This Guy To Show His Face In Esbjerg Anytime Soon

Over the weekend, a fan of Denmark's soccer team sprinted on the field and attacked a referee after a call went again the Danes. That's bad enough, but the real problem was that Denmark had rallied back from a three-goal deficit to the tie the game ... and after the attack, the referee abandoned the game. That's not good: It probably means Denmark's not going to qualify for Euro 2008.

He's awfully contrite.

"I so want to say I'm sorry to everyone in Denmark. I spoiled a fantastic evening for so many," the 29-year-old Dane told Danish paper Ekstra Bladet in an interview. "I haven't slept all night in my cell. The last thing I ever wanted was to hurt the national team and I hope someday I will have the chance to apologize in person for what I did to the referee."


What's the American sports equivalent to this? We're guessing someone jumping on the field to clean up Donovan McNabb's vomit on that Super Bowl drive a couple of years ago, and the refs penalizing the Eagles 15 yards and making them lose a fourth down. Though the Philadelphia fans might not be as forgiving as Denmark's.

Danish Fan Oh-So-Sorry [Lion In Oil]

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