We try to recap each weeknight game the morning after around here, because weekday games are rare and often are the talk of the "water cooler" around "the office" with one's "co-workers." Unfortunately, last night's Steelers-Browns tilt was, well, a completely shellacking that was over early and in a rather efficient, boring fashion.

How can we wrap this one up? Willie Parker went crazy, Kellen Winslow is still a jerk — while remaining A SOLDIER! — and neither one of these teams is gonna have much to do in January but car pooling with Roethlisberger. It seemed like the type of freezing night in which you could be excused for heading home in the third quarter; the whole game had a sleepy feel to it, like it was a formality that had to be finished up and packed away. (You know, like a regular season NBA game.) The Steelers are wrapping up a dead season, and the Browns seem like they'll never be relevant again. Thursday night NFL, it's the best. Screw you Time Warner!


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