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It's Stupid To Avoid Mentioning A No-Hitter In Progress. Vin Scully Said So 52 Years Ago.

Awful Announcing dug up this Los Angeles Times article from July 9, 1960, proving the dumb debate has been going on at least that long. Let the Dean take you to school:

"I've called two near no-hitters this year," he said, "and have kept the listerners informed from the fourth inning on.

"It's insuting the listeners to make them think they're silly and superstitious enough to believe my telling them that a no-hitter is going on will affect the game.

"I'm not breaking a precedent," he continued. "Other announcers do the same. You see, no one expects a listener to hang on every word for three hours. They leave the radio from time to time and this service must be rendered.


No one really believes an announcer can jinx a pitcher, right? How would any no-hitter ever be pitched, since every single one of them was noted before the final out? Yet on Tuesday, YES Network broadcaster Michael Kay was fighting with fans on Twitter who blamed him for ruining Hiroki Kuroda's no-no. Wonder if any Root Sports viewers are bitching out Dave Sims for mentioning Felix Hernandez's perfect game. People are stupid.

[Awful Announcing]

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