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We know a few people, Midwesterners, mostly, sometimes with their own little biases, who claim to love college basketball but are left cold by the NBA. We don't understand this, but even they can't deny the beauty of tonight: Two games, both elimination, winners play each other in the conference finals. Back to back, Fred Smoot style. It's a beautiful thing.

Since we can't do much more to get you excited about this, we, as always, humbly suggest you check in with the following sites, throughout the night:

Clipper Blog. Whether the news out of tonight is good or bad, it'll be sober, smart and thorough.
Blog Maverick. We're crossing our fingers that the Mavs lose on a horrible call and Mark Cuban writes the world's first $1 million blog post.
Free Darko. Because it's like getting a Master's Degree, except useful.
True Hoop. Because, deep down, it's all about what William Wesley thinks.

Enjoy, all.