Well, we suppose that makes sense: When your superstar is suspended 15 games for throwing a punch at someone named Mardy, the only real recuse you have is to go out and get yourself another superstar.

ESPN is reporting that the 76ers have traded Allen Iverson to the Nuggets for Andre Miller, Joe Smith and a couple of first-round picks. Iverson, of course, has been sitting around waiting for someone to tell him where to go for the last week, and his eventual destination became clear, apparently, after the fight Friday.


With Carmelo Anthony out for the next month or so, Iverson should be able to have the run of the place for a while, but, frankly, we have no idea how this team is going to work once Anthony returns.

But now is not the time for Nuggets thoughts: Iverson has meant everything to the city of Philadelphia for the last decade, and now he's gone, at last. But hey: The Andre Miller era has begun.

Sixers, Nuggets Reach Agreement For Iverson Trade [ESPN]

(A caveat: ESPN is always getting NBA trades wrong. Worth noting.)