J.J. Barea Ejected After Shoving Ray Allen, Calls Him A "Fucking Pussy"

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The Miami Heat easily dispatched with the Minnesota Timberwolves 97-81 tonight but early in the fourth quarter things were still relatively close. Then J.J. Barea decided to go rogue. As you can see, he did not appreciate a little elbow/shove from Ray Allen that went uncalled and so, after collecting himself, caught back up with Allen and basically shoved him to the floor. Maybe Allen helped it along, but Barea clearly ran right through him.

The shove was initially ruled a Flagrant-1—and resulted in a lot of tall guys pushing each other around—but after official review it was switched to a Flagrant-2 and Barea was ejected. He was taken off the court, but not before letting Ray Allen know exactly what he thinks of him.

Allen hit both free-throws.