J.J. Redick And His Ex-Girlfriend Had An Abortion Contract

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The muckrakers at MediaTakeOut have done it again, this time uncovering a very odd legal document that was drawn up in 2007 by lawyers representing NBA player J.J. Redick and his then-pregnant ex-girlfriend, model Vanessa Lopez. The document is essentially a contract that seems to be the result of Redick and Lopez negotiating how the latter's impending abortion should be handled.

You can read the full document here, but here are the relevant parts:


Basically, Lopez agreed to undergo an abortion on the condition that Redick agree to maintain a "relationship" with her for at least one year. Yes, that is very strange. But! Things get stranger still:


The contract goes on to make further stipulations, including a confidentiality agreement and a warning that any contact between the two after the "relationship" has reached its conclusion would be considered stalking.

Redick was a 22-year-old rookie at the time this agreement was drawn up, and Lopez has since gone on to date and get into legal disputes with other NBA players. We can now add this document into the annals of sad and scummy things that happen when basketball players hook up with models.