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The fact that J.R. Smith's little brother occupies a spot on the Knicks' roster is and always will be a sad joke. This truth is not lost on Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings, who last night sent a since-deleted tweet expressing incredulity at the existence of Chris Smith's NBA career.


It turns our that J.R. Smith does not abide subtweets meant to disparage his brother, so he fired back:

J.R. followed that up with another tweet, which he later deleted, in which he seemingly threatened the entire city of Detroit. The tweet read: "Might call some of my Number street homies an put #Detroit on smash for a min! #DeadSerious" Alrighty then.

For his part, Brandon Jennings was like, "Hey, maybe we should calm down a bit?"


Not so fast, Jennings! When J.R. Smith puts you on smash, you stay on smash:


And that was that. Good beefing, everyone.


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