For dessert, here’s another slam against an honest-to-god SEC team in Alabama, which, yeah, sure, came in the dying seconds of a loss, but still measures on the Richter Scale. Morant had 50 percent usage and scored 38 against the Crimson Tide, and more or less singlehandedly kept the game close. He was the only Racer in double-figures.

I bring this all to your attention not because I believe you really need to devote any of your life to Murray State until probably the first round of the NCAA Tournament, although there are worse ways to spend a couple hours. The better news is that Morant isn’t going to plateau as The Dude With The Dunk Against UT-Martin. The smart people that evaluate basketball players for a living say that he’s no Great White in a koi pond. In fact, he’s projected to be the first point guard selected in next year’s draft, since lottery teams can look at him and dream about having their own version of De’Aaron Fox. You can at least say you knew him back when he was a mere mid-major standout.