Jack Del Rio Wants To Know What's Really Going On With Seth Rich's Murder

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Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio seems to be a man willing to a hear out a broad variety of opinions on a topic. Maybe that’s a common attribute for football coaches, an occupation that demands approaching a problem with multiple possible solutions and can reward unconventional thinking. That also might be why he’s curious about Seth Rich’s death.

Rich, a former staffer for the Democratic National Committee, was killed in the summer of 2016 in what authorities believe was a botched robbery. The murder is unsolved. The conspiracy theory that has recently sprung up in certain right-wing circles is that Rich was killed by a hitman as retribution for his leaking of the DNC’s emails. This is total bullshit. Law enforcement has debunked it; news outlets have debunked it; and Rich’s family has asked outlets to stop spreading blatantly false information about it. Fox News published a bullshit article about it on May 16 and removed the article yesterday with a statement. Network employee Sean Hannity is the only person of note who continues to hump this, and Del Rio seems to be on board, judging by this tweet lamenting why no one these days can ask “legitimate questions”:


On Twitter, Del Rio follows Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Hannity, and Paul Joseph Watson, the English conspiracy theorist who hates refugees, fears Sweden, and is petrified to leave his own apartment. Though the Raiders coach appears to be a guy generally open to asking questions, his inability to use his own brain to figure out whether a particular opinion was based on anything true made him to look like a dumbass.


I asked the Raiders Tuesday if Del Rio wanted to elaborate on his thoughts, and followed up today. They didn’t respond.