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American Jack Sock tested out a new postmatch tradition today at the ASB Classic in New Zealand. After beating Kevin Anderson, Sock gave one of his used socks to a fan.


Sock came up with the idea because his last name is “Sock.” The creativity here is off the charts. Via ATP World Tour:

“We were talking about it in warm-up today,” said Sock. “Jo [Tsonga] has got his thing, a few people have their own things. I think with such a unique name that I have, we figured I might start a new tradition and give a sock away if I win.”

“I was going to sign it and then give it out, but I wore black socks, so that’s kind of difficult,” he quipped. “I might bring a white one with me and see how it goes. I got a little tight today. I looked over at my box — ‘Should I do it, should I not?’ I did it real quick. I just turned around and threw it to some guy. I think I need to go out and play it up a little more, hold it up and see who wants it. Whoever wants a really sweaty sock can have it.”

Here are my gross socks. I do it for the fans who literally want anything. Imagine going to a tournament and leaving with Jack Sock’s autographed, used sock. That’s worth the price of admission, and then some.

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