Jack White, Surly Baseball Fan Dates Back To At Least 2012

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This is a hype video for Miguel Cabrera's 2012 triple crown season. There are several well known celebrities and ballplayers in it who say they want to get "Miggy wit it." Like the Will Smith song. And then, around the :55 mark, Jack White, noted Tigers fan, shows up. He is asked to say "gettin' Miggy wit it" and responds "absolutely not. No. No."

Jack White being pissed off at games is easily the best thing to happen to baseball in years. We need to fully document the extent of his unhappiness at baseball games and see just how far back it goes. There's got to be some photographic evidence of six-year-old Jack White giving the Cracker Jack guy the stink eye. Find it. in the meantime, here, have another.


h/t Patrick