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Jaguars Junction Has Determined Exactly Who The Jaguars Should Take In NFL Draft 2019

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Google defines NFL Draft 2019 as “Apr 25- Apr 27,” and already people are “mocking” who the Jacksonville Jaguars will select, in the NFL Draft. The following “fan-alysis,” combining history, metrics, and knowledge, reveals the fact that there is only one smart choice.

For casual readers who do not follow the Jacksonville Jaguars Mock Drafts 2019 as closely as I do, this can all be very confusing. What is the NFL Draft? When is the NFL Draft? And who will the Jacksonville Jaguars select with the NFL Draft 2019? Suffice it to say that I have spent a great deal of time researching these questions so that you, the amateur “outsider” without my particular level of expertise, do not have to make a fool of yourself by trying to do so. Just read what I have to say instead.

First let’s see what the “experts” say. Many of these experts are not even from Jacksonville. Who do the experts with the mock drafts currently believe the Jacksonville Jaguars will take in NFL Draft 2019?


Every year it seems like the Jaguars draft some big huge guy in the first round, then he puts on a helmet and you never hear from him again. Researchers are not even sure where all these guys are now. What they need to do this year quite clearly is to draft a QB—the one position where you know who the guy is. Plus they need a QB now. The try-hards in the peanut gallery may say, “Hey, Jacksonville Jaguars should not draft a QB first round this year because they are expected to sign one ‘Nick Foles,’ who is also a QB.”

To that I say: More like Nick Fails.

So which QB should the Jaguars take? Consider, if you will, this list of all of the champion QBs that the Jaguars have had before:

  • Mark Brunell
  • Byron Leftwich
  • Blaine Gabbert
  • Blake Bortles

And many more.

See a pattern here? I’ll tell you what it is: every great Jacksonville Jaguar is a QB with the letter “B.” As they say on the shores of the St. Johns River, “Give me a QB with the letter ‘B’ and a 24-pack of Bud Light and I’ll be a stereotypical example of the way that Northeast Florida can trap you, and never let you go. If you don’t leave here you’ll just be going fishing forever, never really accomplishing your full potential.”


Is there a B letter QB available for the Jags in NFL Draft 2019? You Bet your Bottom Buck. In fact there is only one guy who fits the Bill:

Brett Rypien, QB, Boise St.

Some “experts” say Brett is only the ninth-best QB available this year. But he is the only QB prospect with a good B name. Jaguars can get ahead of other teams who might want to draft him later in the draft by drafting him in the first round.


Plus, Brett is named for what we want our rookie Jaguar QBs to do: Ripen.

Thank you.

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