Jaguars Junction: It's Called The Playoffs

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Well, well, well. Well, well, well. Looks like the whole damn world has “cat scratch fever” now (NFL). But where were ya—back in the day?????

Where were ya—when Mark Brunell had to become a street preacher at the Jacksonville Landing to pay the rent?


Where were ya—when an emaciated Byron Leftwich had to sell out his name to a failed chain of left-handed sandwich shops?

Where were ya—when David Garrard couldn’t afford to put his name on the back of a jersey so he had to play with an old No. 99 jersey that said “THE TOOTHPASTE KID?”


Where were ya—when Blaine Gabbert was living in a lean-to in Lake Okeechobee?

Where were ya—when Chad Henne fell into a shallow mud puddle and drowned?

Where were ya—when Timothy Tebow nailed himself to a cross in the parking lot of a Fernandina Beach Steak & Ale because he didn’t know what else to do on a first date?

Where were ya—when Blake Bortles was born in a manger of pee?

Didn’t see ya around back then.

The big cats are on the prowl my friend. Not lions. Not tigers. Not cheetahs. Not cougars. Not leopards. Not snow leopards. Not clouded leopards...........


It’s Jaguars. (Jacksonville, FL).

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