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Ja'Juan Story Sincerely Regrets Telling Everyone His Doodoo Story

Last week, we brought you the charming story of Florida football recruit Ja'Juan Story, who abandoned all interview protocol and told Gator Country that he prepares for games by "taking a doodoo" and listening to Katy Perry songs. Today, we're sorry to report that he has reneged on his claims, and will soon be acting all collegiate and straitlaced and PR-friendly, which is no fun at all, for there is never a doodoo story when PR is involved.


Story texted Gator Country's Amy Campbell yesterday to tell her that he was sorry "for the inappropriate comment I made about saying ‘doodoo'" along with "anything else that I might have said that was inappropriate." He added that he was "sorry for the hassle," so he must be under the incorrect impression that the general public would have preferred hearing that he, say, eats egg whites and prays before every football game he ever plays in. But we know all about the egg whites and the praying; we hear it in every recruit Q&A ever. No one ever talks about "the D word," as Story now refers to it, and we are sorry to see it go.

When Campbell called Story to talk it out, the 18-year-old explained that he felt he had to apologize because "I represent more than just myself. I represent the entire University and the Gators."

Which is all good crash-course PR code for, "Someone told me I couldn't say whatever I wanted to say anymore," and that Story now has to care that you care that he likes to take a doodoo before games and that the most-played song on his iPod is "Fireworks" by Katy Perry. We're sad to report that a fraction of the young man's youth may have died with that D word.


Gators WR Ja'Juan Story apologizes for ‘doodoo' comment []

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