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Jake Arrieta is on one of the most dominant pitching runs of the recent past. The Cubs ace has a 0.86 ERA over his past 24 starts and he’s also thrown a pair of no-hitters in that span. He didn’t exactly come out of nowhere but before last season, he was okay, and now he’s good. Is it drugs? Probably not. Who knows.

Apparently, some other Cubs players have told Arrieta that other players around the league have asked them whether or not he was dominating everyone because he was doping. His response?

“It’s somewhat flattering, especially when some of those comments are coming from some of the best players in the game,” Arrieta said Tuesday.

He then offered his thoughts on steroids:

“If it’s a blatant attempt to cheat the system with a steroid, then maybe so,” he said. “It’s apparent guys are still trying to take things, and guys will continue to do so unless the penalties are stiffer. I personally don’t think guys should get multiple chances when guys fail a steroid test.


So there you have it. Still no word on whether or not Arrieta got another pajama party for his no-hitter.