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James Dolan In Concert, Performing "Fix The Knicks"

Dolan, lead singer of JD and the Straight Shot, is a true singer-songwriter. He writes from the heart. He writes what he knows. Basically, he writes about people yelling at him all the time for doing such a shitty job running the Knicks.

"Fix the Knicks" is Dolan's ode to himself not particularly fixing the Knicks. It's somewhat self-aware, bemoaning the team's lack of defense and trading away draft picks, but there's this line, which sounds like more of a threat than anything:

"Doing my best, yes that's my promise,
I check with my friend called Isiah Thomas."


Oh, you dick. The Times was not sparing in its review of the show, calling it an "undistinguished roots-rock band" backing a "karaoke-grade singer." In essence, the worst sports-related concert since Plimpton Comes Alive.

[via Alan Hahn]

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