Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

James Harden today signed the richest contract extension in NBA history, a Designated Player Veteran Extension with Houston worth $170 million over four years. Harden’s current deal runs out in the summer of 2019, so this deal will run through the 2022-2023 season, when Harden will be 33 years old. Between now and the end of his new extension, Harden is due a whopping $228 million.

Steph Curry’s $201 million DPVE extension with Golden State held the crown as richest ever for a very respectable seven-plus days. Whereas Curry’s deal is spread over five seasons, paying him in the neighborhood of $4o million per season, Harden’s four-year extension will pay out a breathtaking $42.5 million a year. John Wall’s extension offer from the Wizards—which he has yet to sign, goddammit—is also worth $170 million over four years Jimmy Butler and DeMarcus Cousins were also both eligible for max DPVE contracts, before being traded by the Bulls and Kings, respectively.