Despite a 49ers offseason that featured chaos, abrupt retirements, and the installation of a retired barstool as head coach, there is at least one nice story on the team: Jarryd Hayne. The 27-year-old former rugby league player played well enough in the preseason to merit serious consideration for a spot on the 53-man roster. The exclamation point on his campaign will be what he did to Chargers cornerback Lowell Rose.

Outside of the hit, Hayne proved to be a capable running back. The Australian averaged seven yards per carry with 25 rushes for 175 yards, and was also competent as a punt returner. Even if Hayne wasn’t seeing the competition’s best players, he still showed off an ability to find holes and evade tacklers.

(The video of Hayne’s highlights won’t play in this window because the NFL has no desire to enable embedding, so go ahead and click one more time to watch it.)

Even if Hayne doesn’t make the roster, he did teach Lowell Rose a very valuable lesson about tackling.


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