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Jason Kidd Was Heckled And Beaten By His Otherwise Placid Wife

Yesterday, the North Jersey Something-Or-Other reported that Nets point guard Jason Kidd filed a domestic violence claim against his wife Joumana, saying that "It has been painful for Jason Kidd to watch the effect of his wife's behavior on their children." (That's his lawyer talking, not Kidd in the third person, sadly.) Well, Kidd went all the way with it yesterday, officially filing for divorce.

According to the complaint, Joumana Kidd used the couple's 8-year-old son on Dec. 27 to sneak into the Nets locker room and rummage through Jason Kidd's locker to find his cell phone. After looking up the names and numbers on it, the complaint said she left her son to behind as she went upstairs to take a front row seat, where she shouted insults at Kidd throughout the game.

The papers accuse Joumana Kidd of kicking, hitting, punching and throwing household objects at her husband as she became "increasingly controlling and manipulative" in the last few years of their union.


First off, this gives those free-throw line air-kisses a somewhat different meaning (though it makes them no less annoying). We love the idea that Joumana was screaming insults at Kidd from the stands; if Kidd ever starts dating Kendra Davis, those two are destined for a fight in the stands.

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