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Eagles lineman Jason Peters ruptured his Achilles tendon in March during a workout. Even though Philly signed a replacement in Demetress Bell, Peters held out hope he could return late in the season. That's not going to happen, after Peters tore the tendon a second time. How it happened? Therein lies dramedy. Peters was putting about on a Roll-A-Bout knee walker, similar to the one at right.

Peters was maneuvering in his kitchen when the device broke, and he fell on his face and re-injured the Achilles.


So this is obviously one of the funniest mental pictures you could create, but also no laughing matter. I'm torn—like Peters's Achilles. He had a second surgery, and there's no way he'll be back until 2013. That's bad news for his career and his livelihood and his bank account, yet he's 340 pounds and a dinky little scooter collapsed under him and he did a faceplant. It's okay to laugh as long as you feel bad about laughing.

Peters will sue Roll-A-Bout, and hopefully submit as evidence photos of the fragile scooter lying in pieces on his kitchen tile, because those pictures would be hilarious.

[CSN Philly]

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