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The bad Bears lost to the also bad Saints on Monday Night Football, and Jay Cutler had an awful game, throwing three interceptions as the Bears went down 24-0, and getting sacked seven times. Given how much shit Cutler gets from fans and the media (some of it deserved), and how much lame reporters love to trot out his gargantuan salary when he isn't playing well, you would probably guess that Cutler got a post-game roasting from the local and national media.


As it turns out, Cutler left the field, showered, and showed up to the post-game press conference before the local media did, who weren't there for some unknown reason. After ESPN's Mike Sando asks his three questions Cutler seems puzzled that no more are coming, and says "Jim?", presumably a "what's going on?" directed at Bears Media Relations Manager Jim Christman.

You can be sure that this is going to get blown out of proportion tomorrow and occupy a football news cycle, but Cutler can hardly be blamed for what happened. He did what the league obligates him to do; it's not his responsibility to go wrangle reporters who want to ask him questions but couldn't make it to the press room.


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