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Jay Cutler's On-And-Off Ladyfriend, Kristin Cavallari, Says He Has The Best Butt In Football

@KristinCav wishes @JayCutler6, and his butt, luck tonight against Juan Castillo and his occasionally ferocious wide nine defense: "To the man with the best butt in football, good luck tonight @jaycutler6 ill be watching." Suave Cutler replies, "thanks babe."

Does this mean Cut-Cav is officially back on? (They broke off their engagement in August and returned wedding gifts to Deadspin readers. People reported the two were working things out at the end of September.)


She's been in LA, on Dancing With the Stars (she is, apparently, a star)—although she got voted off a month ago—and Jay's been leading the Bears to an average season despite particularly noxious offensive line and safety play. The power of love, everyone.

@KristinCav [Twitter]

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