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Jay Glazer Is Doing Just Fine

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Jay Glazer, reporter for Fox NFL Sunday and the host "Pride Fighting Championships," is getting married tonight. Wedding announcements aren't usually Deadspin's thing, but the news here isn't that Glazer's getting married, it's that he's marrying so far out of his league.

The bride-to-be is Michelle Graci, a 27-year-old model and former Miss New Jersey. I try not to make a habit of evaluating mens appearances, but um... well, congratulations, Jay. You've outdone yourself. I mean that. You've really, really, really outdone yourself. Again, congrats, and may the new Mrs. Glaver never ever wake up and say to herself, "Hey, why the hell did I marry Jay Glazer?"


So keep your head up, lonely Deadspinners. If a Fox sideline reporter can make a pull like that, then hey, Deadspin commenters can't be in that bad of a shape, can they?

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